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Contact and Contributions
Carl Zach Memorial Website


As I mentioned on the main page, this site is for everyone and by everyone. So if you want to contribute anything - a picture, a letter, a poem, or something else that reminds you of Carl - e-mail it to me as an attachment. Please keep in mind that small children will be viewing this site as well.

Pictures should be in either .gif or .jpg form and, please, no greater than 150 dpi or the picture will take too long to load. (If you are not sure of the dpi, scanners generally default at about 72 dpi.) Please send letters, compositions or documents in either .doc or .wpd form, unless you are planning on scanning a document, in which case refer to the info regarding pictures above. Also, let me know how you would like your name to appear below your contribution, especially if you want to use your full first name instead of a nickname.

I created the e-mail address below to take care of all matters concerning this website, and I will be the only one viewing the e-mail going to this account. I look forward to hearing from you and receiving your additions.

~ Theresa

Click this address to send me mail and contributions: